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Monday, 11 May 2009

vdj tool DN-S1200 MIDI Mapper v.3.0

DN-S1200 MIDI Mapper v3.0 dj software tool update
Author: dydy1
Created for VirtualDJ version 5.2
Date added: Wed 04 Feb 09 @ 3:15 pm
Last update: Fri 06 Feb 09 @ 5:38 pm

Changes In Mapper:
Minor bug. Pitch Slider Button Is corrected

New functions:

A/B Trim Button----Switches between Active and Cue deck
Quick Jump/Fast Search Button Left and Right---Move into the song foward and backward with minimal audible sound Interruptions.

Disc Eject Button---Clone what is playing on the Active deck to the default deck.

Back Butoon -----Saveregistryconfig

-Cue Butoon deck 1 & deck 2--------Play_Stutter back to the cue point
-Play/Pause button deck 1 & deck 2 --------same
-Echo/oop Button deck 1 & 2--------synch
-Flanger Button deck 1 & 2-Pitch reset with reset checked---meaning once pressed back to o% Pitch
-Filter Button deck 1 & 2----Synch_nocbg
-A1 button-Play Stutter Auto deck 1 & 2-----Play & synch song from the other deck for mixes
-Next Track Button 1 & 2-----select O Active deck---select Active deck and Cueing deck
-Tap Button 1 & 2-----Manually fix the BPM by tapping the beat.
If "Smart BeatTap" is activated, the grid tapped will automatically be snapped to the nearest likely grid.

Title/ID3-UTIL.-----Video_Open- Activate Video open and close video screen
-Flip Button deck 1 & 2----Go_to cue point
-A2 Button deck 1 & 2----Loop In Auto--hit to mark starting point of the loop
-B Button 1 & 2----Loop out-hit to activate that loop point marked and the end of the loop
-Exit/Reloop Button---Loop_Exit
-Time/Cont/single Button deck 1 & 2---Set_Cue point

Download DN-S1200 MIDI Mapper v.3.0 here.

Everything else are the same like the old mapper v.0.7.0

Complete mapping for 2 DN-S1200 players.

Scratch function is working.
JPG file included with the functions of the buttons.

Offcourse it is editable to your own needs, i put some video functionality in it, but you can remap this to your own setup if you want.

Download DN-S1200 MIDI Mapper v.0.7.0 here.
If you need ather tool please comment here or contact me by email. I hope the virtual dj tool here can help your controler dj problem . If you need skin dn-3500 suggestion here.


  1. wahh software baru nieh sob,
    kpn2 ajarin aku ngracik music yg enak yach...
    pengen bgt bisa ngeracik lagu kayak Dj gitu. :D

  2. maybe u can help me. i have 2 dn-s1200 but when i connect them, i can just get one to control vdj. what can be the problem? i've already done the settings in vdj but with no result.


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