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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Set automatic in virtual dj 5

How to make automatic the beat or pitch on virtual dj software v.5?

hello all my friend..! Yesterday I have some question from my friend about how to make the automatic all in virtual dj at the config of menu OPTION. My friend feel confused parts of which must be set to be automatically. Ok, let's me explain now about that. The settings that are important in the virtual dj software that we have set is below: Or see picture on the side.

Go to Config of menu or SET then choose Tab Option. you will find the items below.

1. Auto pitch matching:

Set to : Always
if you set "Always" this setting of result when you Load a track on Deck B, then the BPM the track on deck B will be automatic following the BPM the track Deck A.

The track at deck A bpm : 128 (first)
The track at deck B bpm : 130
The Bpm track at deck B will be automatic to become 128 bpm (beat per minutes)

2. Auto Gain:

Set to : Auto or auto+remember
The setting will be make the volume tracks of "equal " to output on betwen deck a/deck b.

3. Auto CUE:

Set to : Enable
When you load the track on deck a/b and you not yet create Cue before, this setting of result automatic CUE for track, but only first load.

4. Disengage Beatlock (enable at vdj v.5.2):
Set to : On load
this setting of result vdj will be automatic beatlock.

5. Crossfader:
Set to : smoot or full
set to : scratch if you want to scratch
This setting will work when you do crossfader. Or make the output to speaker become soft/hard.

6. Pitch range:

If you djing with House, electro house, progressive of genre set to: -12% to +12%
But if you djing with R&b, hip hop, trance and more of genre set to: -50 % to +50%

Ok, friend I think just like this for make automatically the beat or pitch in virtual dj v.5 to easier for us when djing or mixing the tracks.

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