technique beat maching

ok, friend I answer your question yesteday. how about the beatmaching. What is beat maching? and like what the tracks is to be equal? The simple of meaning Beat maching is equalized beat the tracks. To know how 2 song beat have equal you can listen by headphone. By activating CUE MIX in virtual dj activating headphone mix. See in this video I have been create for example .

video example about the beat equal or not.

in this video on 1 until 20 second the beat is not equal, but 22 second until drob the beat is equal. I'm sure after you play this video you will understand about the beat maching. How to make the beat equal when I using cdj 1000? Just simple, follow BPM, PITCH of value the track in player 1 if you wish to equal the beat track in player 2.

Example, track 1 BPM 130 and pitch 0.00. Set the track in Player B become same for BPM and pitch. click here for detail.


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