how to create adding shortcut keyboard at virtual dj

The actually in virtual dj the keyboard shortcut operation of available, but all of function not including. to make availabe become we must be create by self. By create ownselt we can making it more easy if you djing with virtual dj using the internal mixer setting. I was write this process in article on how to change shortcut.

To adding shortcut here step by step:
But we must to understanding the items before do it.
the points important to djing:

At equalizer to deck 1/2:

medium (mid)
At Mixer

level (volume deck a/b)
Pith bend
Headphone mix

Value : 0 to defoult desk
value : 4096 ( you hear only the mix output)
volue : 2048 ( You hear both the Cue and mix output)
headphone volume ( if needed)

Cue ( press C, default setting)
Loop ( press 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, default setting )
Effect (press E)

Making of process:
Go to config of menu.
choose tab keyboard you can see the items the sortcut available in lis area.
select ADD (if shortcut not available) if available but you don't like, select item shortcut then click CHANGE
choose your shortcut.

How to give the value?

value(+) to up
value (-) to down

To given of volue is 0 - 4096. you just give the value at Box value.
example : Create +32 to bass up for deck 1.
click add, choose EQUALIZER and then select BASS.
give the value in box become +32, select desk 1 then Click at KEY of label Press at keyboard to create what do you want sortcut. Click ok. Tes after finish.

see picture.

To create others shortcut just repeat the process by change the object and the value it.
Determining value pursuant to requirement.

Recomended key for djing

bass deck 1/2:
Bass value=+64
Bass value= -128
Key at keyboard= (up, down, right, left)

high value=+128
high value= -256

medium value=+128
medium value= -128

Level volume
For deck 1
key ="Y" value = +644
key ="K" value= -644
key ="V" value= +4096
key ="B" value= -4096
For deck 2
key="O" value=+644
key="G" value= -644
key ="N" value= +4096
Key = 'M" value :-4096

key ="H" headphone_mix value= +4096 (+2048 for vdj 5.2)
key ="J" headphone_mix value = -4096

Important info:
At the some skin virtual dj ver 5.2 this knob not made available. as like cdj 800 v5, dvj groove, and others. you can set become the available by use it.

Please if have any question don't wory to asking to me by comment or send email. I hope it's usefull for you.


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