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Monday, 5 January 2009

Dj Tutorial ( Cue to Play )

Use CDJ 1000 MK2

Many technique in the Djing. Like beachmaching, looping, slip-cueing, or schrat. Now I want to tell to you about CUE and PLAY technique. Cue is determining to fist beat for a song. To create Cue actually can we do wherever for a song. every song alway differ. we just looking "DUK" or tak, on the song. If you use VDJ 1000 mk2, you can use HOT cue or use loop in.

After we have create Cue, next we just play second song with following beat for fist song. if not same or it's knock..depress button Cue again..then depress button Play again until of equal is knock ..for detail see Video..Beachmaching.

hereinafter we boost up the volume control at your mixer 1 / 4 or parallel. I sugested 1 / 4. because sometime when we boost up the full, its voice not yet well-balanced..

so, boost up the volume control at your mixer is full. parallel with the volume mixer on channel 1, where the fist song have playing..
If you want more detail see the video..

Good luck..
I have Song for Dj's here..I think this song is very good.
Emslice vs Denga - Beatmusik (Vincent Von Vorn Remix)
If you have info music for Djs only, please comment in this blog.


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