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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dj song mashup tips for beginner

As a dj would want to have their own characteristic song in the song will be played club dj, good remixes, original or bootleg. Before rising to the level of a remix and create their own original mix, better learn first how to make mashups because it's easier. So you will be easy I help you a little bit about dj song mashup tips for beginners, practice your own by using software to mashup songs.

What is a mashup? Please read this post;

The song mashup tips for beginner

Tips mashup dj song, for starters:

First: Determine the target genre of the songs that will be created mashups, better at the start of the genre of the songs that we like, one or two genres of songs. For example, electro house song and dutch house, because the two genres that still connect. Or it could be a song house and progressive house style, free up to you. Try the genre of the song still in line.

Second: Find the song is basically the same chord, for example, the first song of G, then find other songs that have a basic chord G as well. This is so that when combined the results of mashups into harmonics. So the songs are in the mashup, if at combining into one track, replacement or fusion of parts of the song are taken, will be harmony.

To see what could essentially chord with dedicated software for mashup song, and can also use the software Virtual DJ 8, Traktor Pro, and other software in use dj for live mixing. Once in analize usually be detected chord / key of the song.

I often find the masher who are beginners and do not know about harmonic mixing, mashups Very poor results look chord song, will make the results of mashups is not catchy. So strange and tasteless float. Remember when we plunge into the world of music, a DJ should also studied music too seriously. Unless you want to stop there.

Third: a mashup of two songs before, so easy to cultivate in compare more than 2 songs. Unless already proficient in mashup songs. The point as exercise begins the easiest, because after a long time later more adept. Standard mashup song is on average only 2 songs combine so one track.

These are tips for mashup dj songs for beginners that I can share, then just do the process and hopefully understand. And the results are satisfactory. Do not forget the results of the track after the mashup write the full name of the artist. For example: Dirty South vs. Alesso - City Of Love (Newklear Bootleg), the rear is your name written. Because it is more ethical in honor song maker. Remember there is no original songs then no mashup.


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