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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

how to Make opening vocal with your name

There is a question of a few friends about how to make the opening vocals on a song or a mixtape that included your name. such as: "welcome .. this djhendry , or this DJ .. your name.. on the mix ".. For beginners are confused about how to make the opening vocals with our name. Ok, this time let's discuss how: There are two ways that we can do, namely:

1. Using a headset or microfon.
Record your own voice using Nero wav editor software or adobe audytion 3, sony soundforge, and others. But first prepare the words that we will record.

2. Using Fl studio software.

Is the most easiest way without microfon or a headset to record our own voice, because we use the robotic voice in fl studio namely: vst speech synthesizer. download Fl studio here... Open your fl studio software then, Please click menu channels - add one - select a speech synthesizer. Replace the words "Type your text here", with a phrase that you want. Click on listen, listen to the sound.

We can also set the type of sound we want is on the label: personality, fashion, style, rate. Click accept if you already  convinced. Set bpm at label: RATE :  change default value (150) with your desire bpm: Watch video below for detail:

How to convert to mp3?
Once you are sure of making the results of the voice, the next step is the process of converting to mp3 or wav. How to convert: Click the File menu in Fl studio - EXPORT - select a wav or mp3. Command dialog appears, type the file name and select the location where you saved the file, then click save. Rendering menu will appear - click START .. wait until the process is finished. and then you can use for opening vocal mixtape / song. I recommend that you use for the mixtape, Ok guys..Try it. It's Just simple tutorial about how to make opening vocal with your name. Other way you can use the, " Free Text to Speech Maker software.

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