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Friday, 5 August 2011

what Vst to make dutch house

Some friends ask about what VST to make  Dutch house song, or just remixed again. as has been done by ralvero, Afrojack, Angger dimas, R3hab, and other artist. They were pretty good remixer in making the Dutch house, dirty house, electro, also others genres of music for djing.

As I know, in working on the song genre of Dutch house, they mostly use software Fl Studio 10, and I also use fl studio 10. VST that I use to create a melody is "VST 3x OSC, while for the drum-kit  I buy samples from loop. Songs that I have made you can hear on SoundCloud VST 3x osc already available in the software fl studio 10. Just click the Channel menu, add one, then choose 3x osc. you will see it appear in the pattern. watch video below: how to make dirty dutch house use fl studio.

This guy use fl studio 9, but if you want to try it you can use fl studio v.10. In the video above you can learn how to create a melody Dutch house. Although only briefly, but I think good for knowledge. Furthermore, how to make beats dirty dutch, you can see other videos on youtube. I only share information about one of the VST that is used to make the Dutch house. Although you can also use the samples in which the melody is already available, so you can directly use it. I hope help you.


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