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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

dj tool scratch samples

Although we know that making the scratch can be the manual way, but it would be easier if we use existing samples. I have a few dj tool scratch samples that you can use to remix the song using VirtualDJ software or other software for music production. Below is the link to download it and details:

Scratch samples Description:
Bpm : 100 Format: wav

FRequence simple stabbs
FRESH RHYTHM! breakdown
GUITAR HIT scratch-rubs
FGUITAR HIT scratch-rubs2
HAIL multi-stabbs.wav
FHAIL the rub
HAIL the stabb
Fhat scratch
HMMM! foward-trans
I can do itall
Just like scratch THAT!
A_LL stabb
lo-tone scratch-taps
DO IT! scratch
Doc haaa flash-form
ELECTRIC freehand
fast HIT transforming
fast scratch2
fast scratch hit
And more -- there are 50 file.
Download samples scratch.
Miror link
samples scratch

Samples scratch perfect for you that plays hip hop, R & B, but you can also use for other genres music . The file format is wav. If you use the VirtualDJ software, please load into the sampler slot (support wav file, but if you want to convert to vdj format file please read how to make own loop sampler, and see how to save sampler on virtualdj ). If you need a scratch dj tools samples in large quantities, please buy at online loop samples scratch.


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