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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

the skin pioneer mep 7000

hello guys..How are you all..? what you want to add collection the virtualdj skin?? Here, I have a new pioneer skin for virtualdj 6 - v.7. Skin pioneer Mep 7000. this skin appearance is different from other skin pioneer because has the button PITCH BEND (whereas in other pioneer skin does not exist). And this is what we make easier when mixing a song. But for resolution screen this skin just available 1280x1024 and 1280 x 800, support audio and video but Just support for virtualdj v.6 - latest version. I have testing to vdj v.5, not working. here the screen preview.

skin pioneer mep 7000
Don't forget to set at configuration to auto pitch maching because Sync button not exist. ( or press Shift + space, for sync. here detail how to set config:
Auto gain set to : auto
Pitch range  : -20% to +20% ( when your style is music trance)
Auto Cue : enable
Auto pitch maching : auto ( automatic sync for bpm)
Pitch reset on load : enable
and others.. for vdj 5.. read here about how to set config.
Download skin pioneer mep 7000. Here
Choose free download or reguler user if don't have premium account. wait for five minutes when slot busy. Ok, friend.. good try.


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