Can't record to mp3 on virtuadj

When using virtualdj software you may have had problems going to make a mixtape that is unable to record the type of mp3 files. And could only record a song in wav file type. I also never experienced anything like it. Which I want a small capacity of the file on  my mixtape results for my hard drive to save space. Once I find fault with what the VirtualDJ  software I finally found the answer.

Turned out to record files to the kinds of mp3 VirtualDJ software requires a dll file, namely: lame_enc.dll
The file is what makes VirtualDJ software can record our songs into mp3 format. And why VirtualDJ software can not record to mp3 because the file is not found. Although the actual lame_enc.dll files are included on the plugin folder in VirtualDJ.

To be able to record to mp3 task we simply,  rearrange the config menu for recording tape to mp3 files can be set. below the full way.

1. click menu Record at your virtualdj software.
2. Click Config then select mp3
3. See picture below:
search lame dll.

4. then select file Lame_enc.dll, download file if not have.

5. Don't forget to save.

I do not know why VirtualDJ software will not record to mp3, but lame files still  exist in the plugins folder. and after I set it back to the mp3 recording functionality working again. if you had the same problem please try this way. if not successful, please uninstall and install again. I hope this helping for your virtualdj software can not record to mp3 file.


  1. problem solved!!!! Thank u!!!

    Dis blog gets betta every time I visit it.
    Great work guyz!


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