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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Loop sampler wav for vdj

free loop sampler wav

how are you friend? I hope all good. I have been long not to write about djing in this blog because there are many activities. at this time of my writing I would share the loop sampler that I have for virtual dj software and other software such as: tractor dj studio,bpm studio, nummark cue and other .The loop samplers is a wav file formats and can also be called as a cappella is in use to mix the music.With this sampler loop your style and appearance as dj become more distinct djing. Below list..

There are are 99 the loop sampler:

1. Here We Go
2. Try I, Try It!
3. You'll Like It....
4. Come and...
5. No-O
6. Don't Need...
7. Oooh-Weee
8. Yeah
9. Don't Need...
10. Ohhh
11. Why'd We...
12. Your Love!
13. Oooh
14. Saved By...
15. It Feels...
16. You Got...
17. Won't You...

18. Who
19. Hhha
20. Whho...
21. Whho-Pat
22. Humanbeat
23. Ooooh!
24. Funky Beat
25. Oh-Oh-Oh
26. You've Got...
27. Dance to...
28. Party Down
29. I Can't Go
30. My Love's...
31. Iee-Yeee-Yaa!
32. Oyeyeyeow
33. You and Me
34. It's So Good
35. So C'mon...
36. You and Me
37. It's Time to...
38. Yeah
39. Read My Lips
40. It's Groovy
41. Satisfaction
42. Dance With...
43. They Say...
44. I'm Burning
45. Now Kick in...
46. Everybody
47. You're No...
48. Feelin' Better
49. I Don't Care
50. Gonna Let..

Another list in the packcage, you will find after download.

how to load audio loop samples?

1. go to sampler of menu at virtual dj
2. select one of 12 slots which would you change
3. Then click menu samples, select Load.
4. Browse your hardrive where you save the loop samples
5. select then clck OPEN
6. Play to testing

how to convert wav to vdj file?

click menu samples again, then choose SAVE. Rename if need it. Then click save.
File type will to convert into vdj file then within in the virtual dj/sampler of folder.
download here. another loop sampler here. I hope useful for for djing, mixing, making music.


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  2. I added your link too, & I'm also following your blog over Google. Thanks, bye!

  3. wah banyak ya jenis loop-nya.
    Nice info...

  4. nice,banyak juga loopnya. jadi nggak pusing-pusing bikin loop...
    bro tukeran link di


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