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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Skin cdj 1000 mk3 with DJM 800

Virtual dj skin cdj 1000 mk3 with djm 800 (2 and 4 chanel)

one more for you to use virtual dj software and liked the Pioneer skin as it looks, this time you can get here. If Compared with the previous skin, DJM 800 skin good better. At the CDJ 1000 mk3 v.4.0, headphonemix function is not available. But in this skin's functions are available (cue phone) but not support for video.

So we can use easily if we use the internal mixer.cdj 1000 mk3 with DJM 800 has a resolution of 1024x768. Compatible for monitor with 15 inch size. Support for virtual dj v. 4 - latest version. But I only got to windows xp. I don't have for mac.

There are adding of feature:

Headphone mix: listen 2 track on the phone
clone deck : copy track from deck
Mic volume: Microfon
Eq crossfader: equalizer crossfade
And more. All of function take from the DJM 800 mixer. Hereunder screenshout it.

Press Tab : select deck
Press S : stop active deck
C /click Cue : cue
P : play/space bar

I like this skin for remix, live mixing and I use it. How about you? If you want to try please download here. How to install cdj 1000 mk3 djm 800, any on rar file. Other skin here.


  1. Dj hendry red present box again for this plse, my comp still not opening files properly, cheers in advance man!

  2. do'nt exstrack file zib the skin man..just copy and paste to mydocumments/virtual dj/skin.

  3. I tried. It doesn't work. Mine is VDJ 5.2
    Any advice?

  4. hi
    i just wanna ask if this skin has a bass crossfader??

  5. no friend..if you want the skin with the bass crosfader, better use can download here

  6. you've got a great site here, it helps a lot, keep it up!


  7. were can i download the skin? other than the virtual dj webpage?


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