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Saturday, 29 August 2009

What dj software for making music

Software dj for making music

What up's bro!..see you again. Now I come back for share about djing information. Some my friend ask to me, what the dj software which you use to make a song, making beat, making loop, effect and more?? Actualy many of the dj software for music production. As like Fl, Reason, logic, acid pro, Protool, ableton live and more. Read here. But I prefer using Frutyloop v.8. (FL studio). Because more easily and fairly complete in the use.

Here pic the project when I making music use Fruityloops, with house of style.

Do you have this software??
If you don't have you can download here. If you wanna try to . For video tutorial how to use Frutyloops please take it here. Many Djs use this software for making beat. Sample pack download here.

How to get vocal ?

In the fl studio software there is some vocal and speech tool. You can use it for remix, but if unsuitable please buy acapella or searching at google n get free. Do you know ACAPELLA? the acapella is a song but vocal only, no music. all dj in the world use it. With the acapella we can make perfect Re-mixing. Try it.


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