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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Video how to edit audio use nero wav

hello all my friend..
How about your dj technique, what is wheter increased? I hope that continues to increased. Oh ya, Do you have a song that has bad voices quality? don't worry my friend I have tips for you to make a bad voice your track for djing become good. I have some the track bad volume or small, and when if I play that song to make a move when the track djing I have to raise the "gain on my mixer".

Actually many of the software for audio editing such as :Cool edit, acid pro, reason and more. But now I want give the tutorial how to edit song use nero 6 wav editor (get it) this software is easy, simple for use and complete. That is part of the dj software for editing category. You can know it with to be watch this short video.

Download video

This video about how to make your track that having SMALL VOLUME, become hight volume. how to set equalizer, convert to mp3 320kbbs, use dinamic processor to raise the bass Or may be you want to mastering your own song? you can learn from this video. because, as like you know an DJ must having the collection song with voice recording is good. And very good if you can edit by your self. he.he. Sory my english is bad. I hope this video usefull for you. Yesterday I will share about how to make mixtape step by step.


  1. jalan2 siang kawan yogya panas bgt hari ini? lagi sibuk apa hari ini?

  2. good morning ...hai i am coming here join with you see you again any time...get lucky day bay day

  3. sori ya DJ..komen yang tadi, soalnya kemaren ga bisa komen..


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