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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Skin resizer tool

Skin Resizer Tool version 2.0.2

As like you know that dejeeying using virtual dj is very easy, instant (beatmaching,sync an more).we can chosen various appearance skin which we wish. But problem is do not all vdj skin support with the our monitor screen resolution. Such as Denon hc-4500 skin, it having 1440x900 resolution. And its goodness news is JeremK give the solution for the problems of by making software of supporter of virtual dj.

The name is SKIN RESIZER TOOL. With this software tool You can use this tool to resize your favorite skin to fit your computer screen.This tool is also a great time saver for skin makers. Reuse the code from one channel in the other with automatic changement in element positionning. See the PDF file inside the package to use this tool correctly and read.

If you want to see what "Browser Resize" and "Adding Borders" options do, Install Licensed Resizing Options.exe in the package. then donate for jeremk-team. How to donate see pdf file

Name: Skin Resizer Tool
Author: JeremK - Team


Version 1.0: resize skins and transform XML
Version 1.0.1: bug of Skin output height corrected
Version 1.0.2: the calculations and actions in the tool are written in a log file. Paste the last entry of that file on the forum if you need help
Version 1.0.3: Corrected a bug with VirtualDJ 5.1 Skin
Version 1.0.4: Corrected a bug with the logo when downsizing a skin
Version 1.0.5: Corrected a very bad bug that could make VDJ crash
Version 1.0.6: added preferences file and auto-update
Version 1.1: added browser resizing, browser editing, changing fonts, adding borders around skin
Version 1.1.1: Support of other languages, better graphic resizing, Inverting colors for outdoor gigs.
Version 1.2 : Support for Italian, Browser height decreasing, custom tweaks for HC4500 and Titanium Max.
Version 2.0 : New Graphic User Interface, better look, easier to use.
Version 2.0.2 : Fixed a bug when saving the file. Check here for virtualdj 7 compatible

have problem about this tool visit forum here You can create a account in this forum. and free.
or visit pcdj forum click here.
I have just upload vdj tool for you but in any problem visit at forum above. you want to try?
download Skin Resizer Tool. Mirror link download skin resizer here..Need other vdj skin here.


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