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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Trouble on virtual dj

for long time I use virtual dj software for djing or just mixing the track, some times I have same trouble that make me to be confuse. Did you know? what is the problem that I often experienced on virtual dj software? and how do I cope?

-Error sound driver:

Ceck out your sound setup on virtual dj Option. Possible you wrong setting.
Ceck out your soundcard/usb sound driver there is possibility your soundcard driver lost on your system windows. How to ceck it? Click start program--Setting---control panel---Sound and audio devices.

Double clik on sound and audio devices then choose Tab audio--click on Drob down menu you will see your soundcard (example: M-audio). If nothing, so that you must re-install your soundcard driver.When you have install driver and the problem still same, please ceck out at your USB port(if use usb sound) plug on to other the port usb at your computer.

If you use soundcard, please ceck out at PCI card. open the Pc chasing and then discharging the soundcard, then install again. Posible your Pc not detect your soundcard. I have ever experiencing of this trouble.

have your ever get this trouble?? this matter because may be your virtual dj software is the crack version or you got software from your friend with serial number. Especially on virtual dj v 6.

To overcome this matter there 2 way of:

First: please go to then buy your licence if haven't. If your software is legal just contact vdj support.

Second:Re-install your windows xp/vista, Fresh Install with format again. Don't Repair windows because the problem still be same. I have do it. after you finish the install windows xp,sound driver, vga, and more please Install again your virtual dj software but while install: DON'T CONNECT INTERNET, set your internet connection OFFLINE MODE. I don't know may be vdj vendor have give the Bug form network. Very tired for install windows but that is the way it.

So, after you finish istall vdj please go to menu SETUP/CONFIG, then choose tab OPTION--set AUTO UPDATE : DISABLE. After that you free to connect you internet again. I have do it and my friend problem is clear. good luck.
-Run time error on virtual dj microsoft build c++ contact your administrator.

If you get of the problem like that when you load virtual dj software for meaning your computer has infected by virus. Please scan your computer with antivirus, use Kapersky, bitdefender or others. I use bitdefender antivirus for clear it.
Error xml file / video driver when load vdj skin

Error xml: May be your vdj skin not support with your version or the skin xml code error. you can download my best virtual dj skin here (genuine from, other cdj pioneer skin vdj here. then just install the vdj skin again.

error video driver
Solution: Close your virtual dj then load again
- The music data not show at the virtual dj file browser

Solution: Click Views option then choose show music on the right search collum: see picture--

- Slow when loading the track on deck A/B
- Vdj hang when active effect and loop.
- when recording pc down/slow
- slow when ANALIZE the songs

Do you have trouble like this? this matter is very distrub momment djing or mixing because can make the concentration is broken. sit.

upgrade your vga card. May be your graffic card small. Virtual dj need VGA 128mb/more. ram 1 gb minimum. recommended dual core proccesor, Vga 256mb, ram 2 gb for video: if your computer have enaught but still problem like that, may be your Os having trouble. You must Re-install your OS/repair. My suggestion use vdj v 4 -5 if your have the spesification computer small.

-Trouble hardware Numark NS7. Go to this forum. May be you will get information about it. I don't know much. Now I'm Djing use vdj with numark mixer (not digital) and my vdj set as external mixer. I'm not use hardware controler such as hercules remix, serato, denondj, and more.


  1. salam pagi dunia blogger maap baru bisa online, baru cobain browsing safari dr apple dan chrome dr google. ;) menarik juga

  2. hello i have good news about the Virtual DJ 6 PROTECTION ERROR ..! NO NEED TO DEL ANY REGISTRY

    THE SOLUTION IS HERE: download virtual dj version 6.0.1 trial version from
    then go to find the PATCH that made by AT4RE !! this group has rlsed a patch only for 6.0.1 version AND THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT WORK FOR ME - NO MORE PROTECTION ERRORS .!! HAPPY!!

    just google for "Atomix Virtual DJ Pro v6.0.1 Patch AT4RE" - and try to get it ...this is not a big deal ..

    big 10x to AT4RE Team for this stuff .. !!!


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