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Friday, 15 May 2009

Dj Technique Live mixing

hello all my friend..Now I just share for you about live perform and the techniques dj live mixing of the momment. This video is when I m djing at my place of work. Using cdj 1000 mk3 as appliance. Did you know what the first step to get started live djing? I want a tell litle about this.

First step: See who is your audience

a dj can be in many places. may be in a club, cafe, bar or other. which tracks the listener in like always different. Here is a dj really is claimed to provide music that is able to make audien consoled and satisfied. In my video on above I have some audien with a different destination. that they have only played billyard while listening to music, there are also a drink at the bar and the like have also danced in the dance floor.

Songs that I serve is to be varied. Sometimes play a song that has hight beat , medium, and horizontal with a nice rhythm heard. With of the combination house, electro, breakbeat for genre. the music that I must serve exactly the hit for them. Because we know that audien is number 1 for a dj. So, wherever you djing see who your audien/listener.

The simple technique is 70% FOCUS to what is the MUSIC THEY LIKE, and 30% what YOU like it. It's my experience for long time, you can follow or not. Because I'm not a DJ who is famous in the wold like DJ tiesto. I just share what I know about djing.

Two step: Techniques live djing.

live dj mixing technique with the mixing technique is almost always the same. The difference is that we live mixing is facing a lot of people while mixing Himself as our listeners. In time than the control of live mixing techniques dj good, attitudes and tranquility we are very influential in our performing. But based on what I already do this when djing techniques sequence is like this:

1.Song selection and preparation

It's goal is to make our collections easier to find the songs when the songs change. this is really trivial but sometimes if we do not do this we can create panic and disrupt concentration.
Making CueCreate cue depending dj equipment we use. if you use the virtual dj software how to create cue here. If you use cdj 1000 mk3, you can use AUTO CUE or hot cue function. See video hereunder how to create cue on cdj 1000 mk3.

2. Beat-matching procces.

the beatmaching is equate the beat track . Like BPM, PITCH and equalizer track between the first and second song. The way is simple. Bpm the second song follow bpm the first song (out to speaker). example:
Track 1 bpm 130, track 2 bpm 128. Then make the track 2 for bpm become 130 too.

If you use virtual dj software just click SYNC to beatmaching then click PITCH BEND to perfect it. click here how to djing use vdj. But if you use cdj 1000 tool see video here.

3. Song commutation.

how to do song commutation? to be continues


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