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Friday, 10 April 2009

how to combine audio image to video for promote

Poolincs midnight original (thank to )

Before I share info about how to combine audio and image to video let's me to say:

By my track video that was created use fruityloop 8.0, I want thank to my friends haditsshahih for share award and thank too best my friend is always help me GOO BLOG, SmallNoteBudiawan and my friend from makasar SUZHU is always visit me every day. but Forgive me because I can't doing such as those which all of you ask.I just accomodating the award from you are pursuant to my blog content. Big thank to all my friends for this support for me.he.he. jedak jeduk!

Such as you know that if our have own the track by arrange be your self for djing or more we need to promote in order that the all people know your own track. as like upload to youtube or the site of one type. And the way it ease to promote own track is make video then upload. May you don't know how to create video without the hardware video. in under is my way to create video just combine image and audio. How to combine audio, image to video?

First step:

Choose your image data collection and don't forget to drawing up your the track.
using ulead video editor software you can using demo version. Import you image data and audio data to ulead video editor project you can combine from there. Set the time your video don't very long. 2 minutes if just for promo. After of finish use total video converter.
Convert your video to mpg, wmv, avi, flv file video format. Choose Avi or wmv if wish small size.

second step:

create account in if haven't.
upload your video.
then share for all people. the people will see your video.


I will going to Djing to night. see you again.
If you wish know about how to djing using virtual dj software see tutorial

1 comment:

  1. hehehe..kreatip amat bro!! asik ny musiknya!! smangat bro! kelak you bisa jd salah satu DJ yang paling berpengaruh di asia! smangat aja bro slama msh berusaha pasti asa itu akan sampai jg!
    btw, thank 4 the award yaks...


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