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Sunday, 26 April 2009

free loop Samples for virtual dj to djing

The dj techniques tutorial using virtual dj this time is how to use and installation the loop sampler in virtual dj. As like you know in the virtual dj software there is loop and sampler which the both of function we can to use for make live mixing the momment djing to become more creative. The loop or sampler at virtual dj can in the form a music or only vovel. The Format file to sampler that support for vdj is Mp3, wav, vdj file. To get sampler you can at or you can create self by record or at soundclips. Here under I have some audio sampler with file format VDJ.

All the samples file extension is .vdj

Sweet Dreams.vdj
gun (for vdj 4x)
2 unlimit
20 figers - short dick man
89.53 many
100bpm - chief rocka - lords of the underground
mary-mary run dmc
1234 - how gee
ACDC you shook me loop
Ah michael
Ah yea
Akon trouble
ann clarke (our darkness)
armer + tirer
Attention alarma
bad touch
badadoom loop
bass beat
bass line intro tilt beat loop
beat 128 bpm
beat everybody
beat global deejay
bel armor
blood pumping2
boney m - sunny
bongo safriduo
pump it pump
jungle dj gunshot (for vdj 2- 4x)
pump up the volume
This is one DJ you dont wanna fuck with
Attention Alarma.
And more Total samples is 56 file. Download sampler vdj here. Or download vdj sampler here .Others loop samples wav. get free other sampler visit this site ;samples or topsamplesites

how to install loop ?

  • Extrack file after download
  • Copy all file to Folder C:/my documents/virtualdj/sampler
  • load you vdj software then choose SAMPLES
  • In the samples area choose from 1 or 12 sample item
  • Click samples of menu then choose LOAD, next you can see all samples in folder sampler
  • select the sampler that you want, then click open.
  • finish. you can play the samples now. See the picture if you not understand

To create loop just click LOOP. How to use samples for djing? just click play the beat sample will be automatic following the track on deck ( if the track having bpm 130, samples 130 too). you just to determining the moment that precise to play the samples. We can use the samples for remixing a song. Ok friend I hope usefull for you for djing or remix two the track. For bass loops electro house pumpim download here. Format wav.

you are DJ


  1. can u change vdj to mp3 if is how can i

  2. i don't know if use the software.but i have an easy way to make vdj file to mp3. like this: --play at loop sampler (loop)..then record. but on the menu recording config, change as mp3.try it

  3. that was i cool idea but when i do like that the sample bpm doesnt match with the song but if the same loop is vdj it does

  4. if like that.: first, don't record by one. make your vdj loop as mp3 (1 menit or..) then record together..btw, what the version ur vdj??

  5. well i do have version 6.1 for mac but the loop only work if i made it with virtual dj i even try recording it from mp3 making it vdj

  6. but thanks alot i really appreciated u helping me

  7. This is a great product. I already try it.
    free samples

  8. get the lattest sampler here =)


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