Do you know what is that DJ ( Disct Jokey)? DJ is one who turn around or play the voice record, chosening, or combine the record voice with the certain technique and use the certain media.

Appliance which is using a DJ to show is:
- Record voice in so many medium ( like, CD, file mp3 etc)
- Two kinds of equipments which can using to rerun the voice record onward retreat ( like, Compac Disc, Tape Recorder, mp3 player, PC Computer / Laptop

And how technich it?
conveniently I of sharing make all of you altogether which wish to learn. I will explain its steps and its technique.

Any kind of its technique?
In general is:
1. beachmaching ( equalizing knock)
2. schratching
3. Cueing
4. Beatjugling
5. Audio mixing
6. slip cueing
7. Cuting
8. Needle drops
9. Phase shifing and more

In action Deejaying, the technique always wearing by all DJ.


Beachmaching is equalizing knock two voice record which is turning around along with arranging
picth or bpm ( beat per-menutes ) its. by following first voice record as directive.
before we start this is its preparation.

1. Equipments (basic)

- 2,4 ghz proccesor or more
- 512 ram minimal or more
- 80gb hdd or more
- 2 output sound ( card or usb)
- Headphone
- Virtual dj sofware pro ( ver. 4x / 5.0)
- Sound sistem
- mixer (for external mixer sound seting in virtual dj)
- Colection song
- Jack audio

2. Install virtual dj sofware in your komputer. If you dont have, please visit www.virtualdj.com

>> Detail seting PC for home ( level 1) INTERNAL MIXER SETING

Sound output in your PC/LAPTOP
output 1 to mixer -----> speaker or direct to speaker without to mixer
output 2 to headphone

if sofware virtual dj already install, click Config menu then choose sound setup.
see picture in sound SETUP virtual dj

>>Detail seting PC for home ( level 2) EXTERNAL MIXER SETING

Sound output in your PC/LAPTOP
output 1 to ----> mixer ----->
output 2 to ----> Mixer------> speaker
headphone take from mixer

See picture in sound SETUP virtual dj


But now I want to give you technique about deejaying with seting INTERNAL MIXER.
And I choose genre music house for song.
before we start the, matter is important to we do and comprehend.

a. choose song

This step at the discretion of we, genre music of what we will select.
Generally people chosen the genre R&B, house, electro, progressive, trance, ect.
Song which we choose better is which still be original and it is true for the Running of play.
Non crosscut result mixing. type Music at the discretion of we are as taken a fancy to.
There a song that for DJ's only and for just playing. Songs for DJ's always have calculating for BAR or beats

b. Listen / comprehend

why we have to its listening song? its target is to know the component or the detail song.
Like, vocal, bass, and others. song which is good to runing usually in strarting at durasi 57 second. Ending in 1 minute/ 2 minute.

Now let us start. but better this dowload song sample and skin. I choose skin "DN-S3500 Suggestion"

....at..>>> link

Inportant !

learn and comprehend first. all function of function of tool virtual dj sofware.
especially mixer, cue / play, pitch bend, volume level, effecs, shortcut. For shortcuts you can to change your self.

Set option in Virtual dj like this. To be easier..

technique Simple:

if first song end it vowel, look for the second song is which is initially only music. conversely.
low, hight, midle follow the first song. next go to this dj technique.


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