Using pitch bend

Pitch bend function in the software VirtualDJ is the same as the CDJ 1000 Jog dial function (push). It is very important to further refine beatmach. OK, we can use the SYNC button, but sometimes the results are not perfect when the mixing of two songs. Still in the need Pitch bend button. Have you been there?  You've SYNC button, BPM same but the beat was irregular and uncomfortable.

VirtualDJ software did help us in terms of mixing songs with features sophisticated,  automated and easy to use. But sometimes we need to improve again when mixing by hand, with the pitch bend buttons are always located along the pitch. You know?  But not all skin VirtualDJ have pitch bend buttons, especially on the skin that supports the external device, such as: bcd 3000, Numark total control, hercules remix,  ion discover dj and other . below is a skin VirtualDJ has pitch bend buttons:

1. DN - S3500 suggestion internal mixer
2. Lab Mix v.3.1
3. Mix station SV
4. Denon S-1200
5. V-mix variation
6. VirtualDJ default skin (all)
many more, I did not memorize it all. you can download if you do not have here "best skin vrtualdj", I have been classifying.

How to using PITCH BEND ?
Please see video below, look at duration 1.45. just follow the beat to click pitch bend button.

This video about process to make the mix-tape, I use pitch bend to make perfect beat mixing (jog dial in cdj player). But when you click SYNC button the beat already match between two the song, you not need pitch bend. You can know by listen to your headphone. The button pitch bend just to make perfect because this is one of dj technique. My recommend use both when you mixing the songs. Combine.


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